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Wardrobe post 2015

Finally taking some time again to make my very first wardrobe post! Sadly achool and life hadn't given me much time to take the remaining pictures I needed to take and really start typing this down~

So here it is: my wardrobe post 2015

First off, the dresses:

Angelic Pretty: "Holy Night Story" millitary JSK in green

Angelic Pretty: "Holy Night Story" JSK in ivory

Angelic Pretty: "Twinkle Carnival" JSK in pink

Angelic Pretty: "Star Night Theater" JSK in pink

Angelic Pretty: "Sweet Cream House" JSK in caramel

Angelic Pretty: "Milky Planet" first generation JSK in blue

Angelic Pretty: "Moon Night Theater" pleated JSK in Green

Angelic Pretty: "Dreaming Macaron" JSK in mint

Angelic Pretty: "Lacy Lady" second generation JSK in black

Angelic Pretty: "Sugar Dream" OP in black

BABY, The Stars Shine Bright: "Babydoll" JSK in Red

Emily Temple Cute: "Wonderland Print" OP in beige

Emily Temple Cute: floral (?) JSK in green

Pays des fées: "Balloon dress" JSK

Grimoire: "Celestial Closet" OP

Metamorphose: poodle and house (?) applique JSK in white

MILK: (?) OP in black (Birthday present from my amazing friends! Giru <3 and Dody <3)


Angelic Pretty: "Dream Sky" skirt in Lavender

Angelic Pretty: "Geometric" skirt in beige

2013-07-16 20.31.46
Angelic pretty: "Tokimeki ☆ Girl" skirt in sax (old picture because I forgot to take a new one...)

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright: "Halloween Alice print" skirt in pink

Innocent World: "Dot Jaquard" skirt in black

Neb Araan Do: skirt in navy x red

Bodyline: skirt in pink

Blouses and tops:

Short sleeves~

top row: Bodyline//BTSSB//AP detachable sleeves
bottom: AP cutsew//BTSSB//AP

Long sleeves~

Top row: AP "musée du chocolat" parka in pink//AP in ivory//AP
bottom row: Dear Celine x2//AP in white

ap tshit
AP: Paris shop limited edition "choclate bar" tshirt


AP "pop ribbon"// Bodyline

AP "trump card"

forgot to take a picture:

Angelic Pretty: "Chocolate Piece" blouse in Black

Headbows and bonnets:

(from right to left)
1st row: BTSSB -> "Cherry parade" x2/red/black
2nd row: AP -> "twinkle carnival"/"ときめき★Girl"/"Melty royal choco"/"Holy night story" x2
3rd row: AP -> "Milky Planet"/"star night theater"/"dreaming macaron"/"sweet cream house"

AP "holy night story" bonnet// Jelly Jelly creation berret (birthday present by my friend <3)// AP "wonder cookie" and BTSSB hot pink chouchou// Lockshop spike headband

AP "holy night story" bonnet in ivory

AATP: "swing ribbon" hair bands in brown


Bara Hime straw hat

forgot to take a picture:
AP: "moon night theater" headbow in green


(clockwise starting from the black pair)
Bodyline//chess story//bodyline//all AP
middle: AP "mily planet"

Socks and Tights:

(from right to left, from top to bottom)
1st row: Bodyline//Primark
2nd row: BTSSB//AP//ebay
3rd row: APx3
4th row: AATP//AP//BTSSB
5th row: APx2//BTSSB

top: Lockshop x2
bottom: Lockshop//Grimoire Verum//AP//Neb Araan Do//Lockshop x2

(from right to left)
1st row: TUTU ANNA x4
2nd row: offbrand x2// Neb Araan do//Carousel Ink
3rd row: Metamorphose//AP x3//Carousel Ink

AP "eat me"//AP "twinkle carnival"//TUTU ANNA x2// AP " little sweet heart"

AP "Radiant Candlelight"

forgot to take a picture:
Grimoire Verum: "magic telescope" tights



(from right to left)
(? forgot name)//offbrand//AP "cosmic"//Tokimeki Gabriel//BTSSB//offbrand//Roxie Sweetheart//made by my friend Dody <3 x2


(Rows from top to bottom, starting from the right)
1st row: AP x2//BTSSB//Liz Lisa
2nd row: AP x3// Tokimeki Gabriel// Vintage
3rd row: all offbrand except for the Chocomint glitter bow ring


(Rows from top to bottom, starting from the right)
1st row: Disney//AP//Owl Loli//BTSSB//offbrand
2nd row: all 6%DokiDoki
3rd row: claire's small x2//6%DokiDoki x3//Kunika x2
4th row: offbrand//Enchanted badge//offbrand//made by my friend Giru <3


(Rows from top to bottom, starting from the right)
1st row: Offbrand x3//MadModesty//offbrand
2nd row: Made by my friend Annso <3// 6%DokiDoki//Disney jp
3rd row: offbrand//Disney jp


Liz Lisa bag//Angelic Pretty "melty choco" umbrella//BTSSB iPhone5S cover// BTSSB mini usakumya in pink and brown// offbrand fake fur collar


Irregular Choice: Flopsy in white

Poetic Licence: Backlash in red

Poetic Licence: Backlash in black

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright: "Heart Ribbon" in pink (forgot to take a picture, shall do so later)

Liz Lisa: in beige

Liz Lisa: in beige

Bodyline: in brown

Bodyline: in black

Bodyline: RHS in black

Bodyline: "heart buckle" (BTSSB replicas) in pink



BABY, The Stars Shine Bright: heart bag in pinkxwhite and blackxwhite

Angelic Pretty: "Royal Chocolate" bag in Brown

AP "cookie" bag// BTSSB Usakumya (2007)//AP white bag//pink heart bag


BABY, The Stars Shine Bright: Scallop short Coat in red

So here it is, my very first wardrobe post ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ ☆ !!!
Took me long enough to make, posting it about a month too late xD but itwas still very fun to do ♥
I hope you all enjoy it too!

Up until next year's, so long sweeties ♥ ~